Trend Services, Inc. offers a wide range of quality support equipment that features the latest technology to support your accommodation needs.

  • trailers & campers

    Trend Services, Inc. has become an industry leader by providing quality accommodations and exceptional customer service to meet your on-site housing needs.
  • Our Accommodations

    Our accommodations offer a diverse assortment of customizable floor plans, ranging from 8' x 40' to 14' x 70' and everything in between!
  • The trend team

    Trend Services, Inc. offers outstanding Customer Support, as well as employment opportunities for a rewarding career in the accommodations and rental equipment industry.

Trend Services, Inc. is a quality provider of housing and supporting equipment catering mainly to the special needs of the oil and gas industry in the Gulf Coast region. We count with the best equipment and latest innovations. We specialize in providing equipment for those temporary jobs that require a special piece of equipment that will get the job done correctly and safely. Our clients obtain that piece of equipment while avoiding the overhead cost of ownership. You can count on us to be there every step of the way.
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